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CrystalRiverFlorida.us is the information based website focusing on Homosassa and Crystal River area of Citrus County, the Nature Coast of Florida. Included in this website are links and information on Crystal River area Manatees, attractions, lodging, restaurants, shopping, Citrus County's history and much more! Use the links and information to uncover the information you are looking for.

While vacationing in Crystal River, soak up history of the area. Residents first arrived over 14,000 years ago. The land they found extended far out into the Gulf of Mexico. At that time, the present Citrus County shore line about 200 feet above sea level. Indians of the Deptford culture occupied the site from 200 B.C. until A.D. 1400 located in Crystal River, Florida at the Archaeological Site. The 14 acre, six mound complex is one of the most impressive prehistoric ceremonial centers on Florida's west coast. During a visit to the site, you can tour the visitor center with small museum and walk the paved walkways that trail through the site. Artifacts such as arrowheads, pottery, jewelry, stone and bone tools are on exhibition. An 8-minute interpretive video is well worth watching for a better understanding of the site's past. A gift shop is located near the visitor center. A walk down the one-half mile paved loop trail at the site will take visitors past each of the six mounds. These mounds include Temple, Burial and Midden Area Mounds. A beautiful view of the Crystal River is had from the observation deck located on one of the Temple Mounds. Two large limestone steles seen along the trail served as ceremonial markers for these early people. During the Civil War, the Yulee Sugar Mill was operated on the Homosassa River, supplying sugar to the Confederacy. Crystal River, Florida, and the areas surrounding it, certainly have an interesting history, come visit and gain knowledge of the Nature Coast, "Mother Nature's Theme Park".


Manatees have always been part of Florida's history and a very big part of the nature coast. When you're in Citrus County, Florida, you can't miss visiting the Homosassa Wildlife Park. If you've seen documentary's on this gentle giant, the Manatee, chances are it was filmed here in the Florida area. Homosassa Wildlife Park is refuge and rehab for 7 manatees and when the "salad bar" is open for them, it's a sight to see! You'll also be able to visit the "fishbowl" at the park, you're the one being observed as you observe manatees, many species of fish and a variety of water creatures.


Winters here are normally mild with occasional temperatures dipping into the 30's and 40's Fahrenheit. However, averages range between 52 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit (11 - 18 Celsius). Summers in Crystal River, Florida are normally hot and muggy with temperatures and humidity usually exceeding 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Averages range between 81 and 83 degrees (27 - 29 Celsius). Precipitation for Crystal River, Florida area ranges between 52 and 56 inches per year. The springs in which the manatee reside stay a constant 72 degree Fahrenheit. Citrus County is the only place in the world where you're encouraged to interact with the Manatee. It's an awesome experience to scratch the belly of these beautiful, gentle creatures! Crystal River also supports a large number of dolphin in our area. You can cruse the rivers and Gulf of Mexico to find large amounts of them to play with.



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